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New Duelyst team tournament !

Published the 10/01/2016 at 16:42 by Crabe

Hello ! Wagnozac and PiepusBartus are making a team tournament, with 3 players/team. It would take place at 22 january, 8 pm CET. If I'm correct, it's the first team tournament of Duelyst, and it would be nice if a lot of people could make it.
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Patchnote 0.55

Published the 30/12/2015 at 12:39 by Crabe

Here is the new patch ! We have plenty of news, like nerfs, new cards, nerfs, and more nerfs !

First of all, the counterplay games team said they would nerf vetruvian and magmar, while upping vanar (and abyssian, since both like to swarm :p). What is huge is that they nerfed a lot of cards (8, a lot more than usually), but with the new cards (which will change the meta, a lot more than with jaxi - lol -, by changing almost all the decks!). Here are the nerfs changes !

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Lady Locke Invitational #1 final results

Published the 27/12/2015 at 21:22 by Crabe

The Duelyst Lady Locke Invitational #1 (LLI1) ended a few minutes ago, with the victory of Jasz ! Congralutation to him, he earns the LLI title, after some King of Beta's. He also wins 1800 golds (by winning the qualifier and the final bracket). The final results are there :

1st - Jasz (1800 golds)
2nd - Zer0problem (1000 golds)
3rd/4th - Wagnozac & snphillips0 (300 golds)
5th/6th - Naentar & Seiken (150 & 400 golds)
7th/8th - Sustine & Nangert (250 & no golds)
9th/10th - Honsolodied & Zild (150 golds)
11th/12th - alesque & Whitezenthon (150 golds)

Thanks again to all the participants, I'm sorry for all the issues, and congralutations again !
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Lady Locke Invitational #1 Qualifier

Published the 21/12/2015 at 11:17 by Crabe

Hi, the qualifier for the Duelyst tournament Lady Locke Invitational #1 finished yesterday, and we have our four qualified for the next stage !
You can go in the invitational page for more informations, and the full results. The group stage will take place during this week, with our eight players, Naentar, Wagnozac, snphillips0, Nangert, Jasz, Seiken, Sustine and Zer0problem. Good luck to them !
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Duelyst Winter Championship

Published the 13/12/2015 at 10:47 by Crabe

MASER annonced today the first Duelyst Winter Championship ! This is going to be the biggest tournament of Duelyst (in terms of cashprize), with 200$ !
The Duelyst Winter Championship (DWC) will be in 3 parts :

Championship match, which will take place 31.01.2016.
8 player round-robin, which will take place 23.01 - 24.01.
2 qualifiers (NA and EU) which will take place 09.01.2016

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Lady Locke Invitational #1 !

Published the 12/12/2015 at 11:29 by Crabe

Hi ! A quite long time ago I wanted to make a tourney, and here it is ! Lady Locke Invitational #1 is a Duelyst tournament, in 3 distinct parts : a qualifier, a group stage, and finally a final bracket. For more informations, you should visit this special page :
Lady Locke Invitational #1
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Duelyst Bloodborn's Season 1 final results

Published the 11/12/2015 at 10:19 by Crabe

The very last Duelyst Bloodborn ended yesterday, and now we know who will compete in the Contest of Grandmasters. This tourney is currently the biggest of Duelyst (by cashprize). Indeed, the 12 players who will take part in it will play for :

1st: 2500 Gold + 50,00$
2nd: 1000 Gold + 35,00$
3rd: 500 Gold + 15,00$
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Welcome on the english version of Lady Locke !

Published the 22/11/2015 at 22:41 by Crabe

Well I'm writing this article to present you the english version of this duelyst fansite, and to show you why I need someone else to make english article (I will come back to this later).
Anyway, welcome, please yourself ! As you can read, I don't have sufficient english skills to make a whole english website. This is why someone else will help me, and handle the english news. I will try to provide as much guides as I can in both languages.
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